All you need to know about UGACHICK SUPA

Ugachick has something new, what is it?
Ugachick is introducing Ugachick SUPA, they are Individually Quick Frozen chicken pieces, conveniently packed for you.

How is Ugachick SUPA different from the other products on the market?
Each piece is frozen on its own to ensure that it is preserved in the same state of freshness as at the day of slaughter.

How is this done?
Ugachick SUPA is quick frozen in a Rapid Freeze process that takes One hour as compared to the traditional eight hours it takes to blast freeze chicken.

Why this product?
Ugachick SUPA is a convenience product targeting busy urban individuals. All you have to do is open the packet, take out the pieces you want to cook, and put back the chicken in the freezer that you don't need. No lengthy defrosting time. No need to cut the chicken before cooking. All that is done for you, when you use UGACHICK SUPA.

Why now?
The urban consumer is getting very busy with family, friends, work, the commute etc, they need to be able to make a fresh tasty meal without the "wait". Ugachick has come up with SUPA to fill this need.

What's special about it?
UGACHICK SUPA is conveniently packed in 1kg and 5kg bags, to suit any family requirements or function. The chicken is Tasty Fresh with a firm bite that will make great stews and lovely grills.

Where can I get it?
UGACHICK SUPA is available at all supermarkets and fine outlets near you. Also look out for the branded signs at outlets where you buy your meat products.

What is the cost of the product?
UGACHICK SUPA is quite an affordable chicken product Because it's packed conveniently in fixed weight units of 1kg and 5kg.

Will Ugachick still have the products we have grown to love over the years?
YES UGACHICK continues to produce the famous Muchomo whole bird and parts on a plate, amongst others like we have for the last 20years.

What is the quality of the product?
Ugachick is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22000:2005 certified by Nemko of Norway for food and safety management systems. Ugachick is also certified by UNBS, for food quality and safety.

Ugachick as usual, is Chicken produced in Uganda, by Ugandans with Ugandan feed produce. All the chickens are bred and raised by Ugachick to ensure that the consumer has a "Farm to Fork" guarantee.

Ugachick remains Uganda's number 1 Halal producer of chicken, approved by Uganda's Halal certification supreme body, and your trusted name and producer for chicken with 20 years of serving Uganda.

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