Pellet feeds for broilers World over the struggle in poultry is to lower the quantity of feed fed to the meat birds as a means of maximizing the benefits to the boiler farmers. This can only be made by improving the nutrition of the feed and its form of presentation and management. In the struggle Ugachick technical team has developed a new product that can match with the world poultry dynamics.

Ugachick has developed a three phase feed for meat chicken. This is a high protein and energy feed, manufactured under strict quality control to support the rapid growth rate of meat chickens. Synthetic limiting poultry amino acids have been added to improve the profile.

- Broiler starter crumbles
- Broiler starter 1
- Broiler starter 2
- Broiler grower pellet
- Broiler finisher pellet

It is very critical for the farmer to use all the three feeds at the right stages, if he/ she is to realize its full economics and human health concerns. The feeds have been made with improved Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) values t match the demand.

Broiler starter crumbles Divided into two levels that is starter 1 and starter 2. Basically they have the same composition the only difference is in the particle size. Starter 1 is in small crumble form because the chicks are still very young. Starter 2 has big crumbles because the birds’ size has increased and we don’t want them to waste much energy when feeding.

The starter feed is used for 14days (week 1 and 2), starter 1 for the first 5 days then starter 2. This feed has a coccidiostart to maintain the chicks’ health. With good management we expect the farmer to use 800 grams. The bird is expected to have around 450 grams at 14 days old, when fed with Ugachick crumble feeds.

Broiler grower This is presented in pellet form it is fed for 14 days (week 3 and 4). The bird will consume 1200 grams and will have attained 1310 grams. This is also a medicated feed. We are respecting the human health concern.

Broiler Finisher pellet This feed is intended to increase on the lean meat of chicken. In this feed a coccidiostart has been withdrawn, we are respecting the human health concern. The bird eat this feed at least 5 days prior to slaughter. In the final week the bird is expected to have consumed 1000 grams and the weight will be 1650 grams.

With the pellet diet for the broiler the bird will consume 3000 grams of feed in 5 weeks and the FCR will be 1.8.

Strength of the feed - High technology feed dsigned for high economic growth, in this case the brooding days have decreased, rearing cycles have increased, labour costs reduced, health improvement as bacteria, fungus and toxins have been destroyed due to heat treatment during production.
- Optimum dietary electrolyte balance best suited for high yield broilers.
- Improved amino acid profile with addition of synthetic limiting amino acid.
- Synthetic enzymes added to increase digestibility.

Ugachick broilers crumble and pellet feed comes in 50kg and 20kg bags.

Ugachick Poultry breeders limited still maintain the quality mash feed for our customers. Broiler starter and finishers come in 70kg and 5kg bags.

Chick mash This is a feed that is met for the young birds that are meant to produce eggs. Ugachick chick and duck mash has a high level of nutrient balance that will ensure chick feather development in the first 8 weeks for the hisex breed that ugachick is selling.

Grower mash After 8 weeks Ugachick chicks are fully feathered then the farmer feeds growers mash. Feeding pullets with growers mash, aims to maintain a growth rate that will lead to the pullet reaching sexual maturity at the desired age while avoiding obesity.

The stay at which the pullets will start laying eggs is affected by age, bodyweight and day length. Ugachicks growers mash is met to ensure that the bird begins laying with proper organs which support feed consumption during laying period of the bird.

Ugachick growers mash supports flock uniformity to 80% of the pullets within plus or minus 10% of the average flock body weight. Poor uniformity and organ development will cause financial burden during production.

Layers mash The aim of Ugachick layer diet is to optimize egg production (in terms of egg numbers, egg size or mass), provide the nutrition required to safeguard health and maintain the desired bodyweight .this feed is given to laying birds up to the time of culling.

Ugachick feed in wholesome will enable a laying bird to produce eggs for over a year considering good health and proper management of the birds.